How To Maintain Your Unit (Wig)

So you’ve got yourself a unit, now you just have to know how to take care of it. Taking
care of a wig is similar to taking care of your real hair. You have to be careful and gentle;
remember you spent so much money on it, so don’t waste it.
1. Love your hair
– Take care of your unit like your real hair.
– Avoid too much blow drying, hair spray, and other harsh chemicals.
2. Brush it like its gold
– Brush your unit gently, from bottom to top and use both hands to lessen stress.
– Brush your unit before washing, but not necessarily every day.
– Never brush your wig when it’s wet.
– Use a wide-tooth comb.
3. Wash it gently
– Submerge your wig in lukewarm water.
– When rinsing, use cold water because too much heat can cause the cap
construction to break down.
– Be gentle when applying shampoo and avoid friction.
– The water should be flowing in the same direction of the hair strands, from the
root to the end. Make sure you clean all adhesive residue off your unit when you remove it.
– Don’t soak your wig; that can cause matting.
– Don’t wash too often, wash it after several uses, depending on how active you
– Don’t forget to use conditioner.
4. Dry it out loud
– Use a wig stand and air dry. Never put your wig in the microwave or direct
– You can wrap it or squeeze your wig with a towel, but don’t shake it.

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